Proofs that beef was eaten by ancient Hindus and is eaten by many Hindus today

I started this website in 2011 to compile and assess the evidence for or against beef eating in ancient India. By mid-2014 I had formed a CONCLUSIVE VIEW on this matter, summarised in the following statements:

1) The meat of barren cows (no longer able to give milk) was LEGAL AND WIDELY EATEN – as documented in the Arthashastra.

2) Male calves and bulls were regularly eaten in ancient India.

3) Any cattle that naturally died could be eaten/ its meat dried and sold.

4) There has NEVER been any restriction on eating buffalo meat in Hinduism


Download my manuscript that compiles my findings (including archaeological) below (in Microsoft Word):

Sanjeev Sabhlok

I am one of the few GENUINE Hindus left in the world – a man sworn to SCEPTICISM in the tradition of Charvaka and Chanakya. A scientific Hindu.

HINDUS ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR EXTREME TORTURE OF COWS IN INDIA. Click anywhere on this sentence to download my slides.


BJP makes HUGE profits from selling beef. Its “gomata” lynchings are intended to force the price of cows to fall.

There’s 30,000 crore rupees to be made from cow beef in India. Vultures like BJP invent ways to get hold of it.


I found a free internet download link for DN Jha’s book, Myth of the Holy Cow. Download here.


A nice take on the recent beef ban in India. Five years for eating beef, but you can become PM of India if manage to get a lot of people killed. [Download my book on Modi: The Truth about Modi]



India the world’s largest beef exporter.