Beef was widely eaten in ancient Hindu India – conclusive proofs, as assessed by Sanjeev Sabhlok

Vedic religion’s failed attempt to force everyone to stop eating beef

I’m studying Sanjay Sonawani’s theory of caste. Very persuasive.

It appears that the conversion of temple priests from around the first millennium into Vedic Brahmins did not go very smoothly. Most Hindu priests had been meat (and beef) eaters. The Vedic Brahmins however , seem to have changed their mind on beef eating at least in the Gangetic  belt.

They wanted the newly converted Brahmins to also not eat beef. This requirement on the new Brahmins was onerous and it seems to have failed in the fringes of India, eg. Nepal, northeast and Kerala.

This also shows that the project to transform Hinduism into Vedism failed in many ways.


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